Duffl Admirals

Duffl Admirals

If you are looking to help build a 7-figure business in college and work with your best friends, you've come to the right place.

What does it take to be an Admiral?

We are looking for passionate, ambitious and hard-working student entrepreneurs to become Admirals of their own Duffl Fleet. We believe in fostering student talent and helping aspiring leaders become the best versions of themselves. Join us if you want to be challenged and grow every day.

This is a highly selective, time-intensive, and personally demanding role. It demands long hours and involves putting out fires every day...it is not for the faint of heart.


Admirals are the student leaders of the store. They help hire, train, and promote Racers whilst growing the store through marketing, partnerships, and social media. They are the cultural figureheads and evangelists of Duffl.

As Admiral, you’ll take a lead role in recruiting, onboarding and training new racers as well as leading by example for all store staff. You’ll become a subject matter expert on Operations and Marketing, mastering our supply chain and inventory processes, and helping to ensure high satisfaction for our awesome customers. Most importantly, you help set the tone and culture for the team ensuring Duffl is the best job around.

You will work to develop the customer base and the Duffl brand. You are the face of Duffl on campus ensuring Duffl is loved by everyone. Admirals are charismatic, well-connected, fearless and relentless.

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