Duffl Captains

If you are looking to become the leader of a thriving college community and make lifelong relationships with fellow dufflers, you have come to the right place.

What does it take to be a Captain?

Captains are exceptional Racers who have demonstrated trustworthiness, good judgment, problem-solving skills, natural leadership ability, and humility.

Captains are asked to work up to 20 hours a week. It is a leadership role that demands your full attention and commitment outside of school. You will be working directly with our Regional General Managers towards specific objectives based on your role. We are looking for someone who wants to become more involved with Duffl as a startup and help us build towards our long-term vision. Apply if you are someone who can't help but excel at the things you put your mind to.

Being a captain requires learning new skills and developing oneself as a leader. You will work alongside like-minded students who are motivated to grow each and every day. We provide you with resources to learn hiring, supply chain, and data analytics. However, it is ultimately up to you to learn these skills. You will get out of this experience what you put into it.


  1. Staffing Captain
    1. Reduce Fulfillment Costs
    2. Reduce Equipment Costs
    3. Reduce Late Orders
    4. Promote Fellow Racers
  2. Restocking Captain
    1. Reduce Product Costs
    2. Reduce Products Out of Stock
    3. Reduce Empty Searches
    4. Increase New Product Revenue
  3. Marketing Captain
    1. Reduce Sales Costs
    2. Acquire New Customers
    3. Increase Social Media Followers
    4. Increase Community Engagement


  1. Pay + Tips
    1. Captain I: Base Pay + $4 + Tips (~$24-$27 / hr)
    2. Captain II: Base Pay + $5 + Tips (~$25-28 / hr)
    3. Captain III: Base Pay + $6 + Tips (~$26-29 / hr)
    4. Captain IV: Base Pay + $7 + Tips (~$27-30 / hr)
  2. Access to HQ tools & training (Hiring, Ops, Data Analytics)
  3. Access to leadership team for mentorship
  4. Invited to company retreats (Mammoth, Vegas, etc)

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